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Towards Vienna we go!

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On the way to Vienna for a company education event. I am pretty excited about it. I do really like Vienna as a city with it's imperial elegant architecture. The education events ends on Thursday afternoon but I will stay there some extra days to see home more of the city. It is my secpnd trip there in 4 months.

The education event is centered around the things we sell and how to sell more of it. Even though I am managing our delivery in the region, the session will also be valuable for me as well.

I could have done a better job of booking my flights, so I ended up having to take a flight with a connection. However, the flights are with lufthansa and that means that the flights are generally enjoyable. The flight from Stockholm to Dusseldorf was no different. And the connection to Vienna is no different. I do also have to confess that it was nice to be in the air again after several weeks on the ground.

Anyway…just a random update to get back into the habit of journaling. Write more later! For now, a picture from the air…you start to realise how small we are when you look at the ground below when you are screaming through the sky in a metal tube.


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