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Thanksgiving 2012

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So I celebrated Thanksgiving this last Satuday, November 24th I would have liked to have celebrated it on Thursday, November 22nd like they did in the US, but we don’t get that day off in Sweden so I had to move it to the weekend.

I have to say that the turkey and all of the side dishes turned out very well! And the desserts were very tasty as well!

I didn’t take so many pictures of my Thanksgiving cooking adventures, but judging by everyone’s comments, I think I did a really good job. My mother and sisters would have been very proud.

It was the fourth Thanksgiving I have hosted in Sweden since I moved here. I hope to host it again next year. It’s a wonderful wonderful tradition :D


P.S. After eating turkey for 3 of the last 4 days, I can tell you that the magical feeling has worn off :D Thanksgiving dinner 3 nights in a row is enough for me! Now to do new and interesting things with all of the leftovers – including turkey corn chili, turkey soup, turkey burgers, etc, etc. After this I won’t be eating turkey for quite a few months :D

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