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Nigeria Preparation – Weeks 4 and 5

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So I was a bit lazy to update after my preparation last week, so I should put 2 updates into one post.

Week 4

The prep meeting was fantastic in fact. It was great because for the first time we were hearing from people directly from Nigeria. So we had a great opportunity to hear first hand information about what to wear, what to expect in terms of food, some logistics, some “insider tips” about the location where we will be (Ado Ekiti). Our facilitator has been very helpful in sharing her experiences from Kenya, but the fact that we have gotten direct information. We also spent a lot of time talking about local customs and the exchanging of gifts (need to think of something typically Swedish). Besides that, we also talked about other formalities such as visas and immigration information. And of course, to continue along with the electronic preparations and study guides.

Week 5

I couldn’t make the regularly scheduled meeting this week, but today I had the benefit of listening to the recording of the meeting. What a good this is in my opinion because I get to hear the answers directly and get a sense of the conversation. Today was basically the same as last week, but this time we got some more information on the place we will sta (the name of the hotel), and even some more detailed information about Ado Ekiti. I am happy that we are receiving this information, but I am also eager to get started with the real details of the assignment (and the others feel the same way). But I know that I also have to exercise patience and know that things are happening at the pace they are for a reason. I was told that next week we will get some more detailed work assignments to get an overview of our work methods and different tools that we can use. There are basically about 9 weeks left and whilst that feels like a long time, I know that it is very short.


So in closing I am looking forward to getting this experience started! \o/

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