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Nigeria Preparation – Week 9 #ibmcsc

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So we are now done with another week of preparation – and one week closer to departure. It’s hard to imagine, but there are only 4 weeks left! Times does really fly!

On our call today we learned that we will get to know the clients we will be working with next week and I am really excited for that! We’ll also get more documentation and information about these clients and other matters next week. I can now imagine myself on the plane on the way to Ado Ekiti because we are so close to the departure date! For me, the milestone to achieve this week is to try and get my visa fully sorted out – hopefully this week! Then at least I know that there is nothing impeding my departure in terms of formalities.

In today’s meeting we went through some more very important administration issues, heard some more presentations on the different topic areas relating to cultural adaptability in Nigeria to help give us an overview (thanks to the team for awesome preparation work!), and we also got a great overview of our Corporate Citizenship Programmes taking place in Nigeria. Every time I hear about the ways we stayed engaged in our communities around the world, I always feel a source of great pride.

I feel as prepared as I can be for Nigeria at this point. But I also know that the next week and the weeks thereafter are going to be a lot of work right up until the point where we arrive in Ado Ekiti. I feel like next week I will be posting about how unprepared I feel, which is something I am looking forward to because it means we move to the next step of preparation before our arrival!

Every day I am looking more forward to this experience than the day before! \o/

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