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Mount Kilimanjaro – Am I Ready?

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So for those who don’t know, I will soon find myself in Tanzania trekking up Mt Kilimanjaro with a colleague. The plan is to spend a total of 7-8 days going up the mountain.

mt kilimanjaro

When you read the websites of the tour operator companies, it’s extremely tempting to think that because it is not a technical climb (where climbing gear is required), that it is just a simple walk in the park, so-to-speak. However, thank goodness for the multiple sources on the Internet! This climb seems like it is going to be very challenging. I am a bit concerned that the endurance and strength training I have been doing might not be enough. My goal is to reach the summit (something that only about 64% of the people attempting the climb on my route actually accomplish) and to be part of the percentage that gets up there. In addition to increasing my training, I have been walking and changed my diet considerably since 01 January. We’ll see if I am successful to get to the top of the summit! What I am missing unfortunately is some form of altitude training that is not available in Stockholm, but in talking to the Climb company, I added in an extra day beyond the normal in order to get used to the altitude.

I am really looking forward to this climb. It will make my trek up the Great Wall seems like a stroll in comparison.

SO wish me luck, health, and success dear friends! I am eager to make it to the summit and to share my success with you :)

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