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Time to get to work! ( #ibmcsc )

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Press conferences, official meetings, and other formalities over, today is the day when we roll up our sleeves to get to work. Everyone across all of the sub-teams are eager to start. Our day of course begins with one more meeting, but this is the kickoff meeting where we discuss the overall vision and goals of the projects we are working on, as well as the statement of work. The kickoff meeting is good and we meet with our contacts in order to try and understand the nature and scope of our project in more detail.

In the sub-project I work on together with Leslie and Kelsen, I have to say that we are very fortunate to work with a person from the local team who has done a lot of thinking surrounding our project and has a clear vision of the future. That clear vision has translated into a very good Scope of Work (SoW) document which we will be using as the base of how to move forward with our project over the next 4 weeks. Because the SoW is so clear on the long-term goals, we think we will be able to deliver on a roadmap which will help get them on the path of implementing the long-term vision. In the team we decided on the approach to update the SoW and get agreement from our client. So far so good as a team.

So what is it exactly that we are doing? The project in a nutshell comes down to a question of identification. The challenge in identifying people is how does a country/region go about identifying its citizens so that they can ensure that they are providing the services that the citizen’s need? It’s a simple set of questions, but the way to go about those solutions can be complex. Our job is to design and develop a framework which makes this possible. It’s a really cool project and we’re committed to doing a really great job.

So in addition to our tweets and blogs, the team decided to put together a few more ways interested people can follow along:

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