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An early night, but visit my friends’ blogs ( #ibmcsc )

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Today you all get a blogging day off from me! :-) Outside of work and dinner, it was quite an early night for me. The anti-malarial pills I started taking before I came to Ado Ekiti have a side effective of giving me a sore throat and making me generally tired. So I am going to see what a night of forced rest can do to fix this. Quite a shame to because the hotel is having a giant huge party (I can hear it from my room) and the party seems really awesome!

But fear not! This team I am on is like super social-media aware (finally, kindred spirits), so sometimes instead of me always posting, I will refer you to the blogs and photos of my team instead.

Christina’s Blog:

Kelsen’s Blog:


Good night Ado Ekiti and friends. Despite the loud pumping music, I can feel my eyes getting heavy and I will soon sle..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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