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Long Time No Write

So it has been immensely busy at work the past week. And I've been trying to have a social life as well. So that means that I haven't been as good as I should be in regards to keeping the journal updated.

But in retospect, I am doing a much better job here than I did at Diaryland. So I have something to be proud of. I have to leave the flat today, and go to the gym really I don't want to write much, but there is nothing preventing me from writing again later I suppose :-)

But first, I have so many journals to catch up on...I bet that there is so much happening in people's lives that I have missed because I've just been focusing on a few items.

Also, I have managed to schedule my trip home for Thanksgiving, as well as to Maha's wedding, so I am so excited for that. I want to see the family, I want to see Maha get married, and I want to just get away for a bit....and reconnect with the US. And I might have a friend come over to the US with me for Thanksgiving.

My closing thought of the day, if you haven't seen the Royal Tenenbaums, you need to rent this is one of the best movies that I have seen in a long time. And I am still enjoying those Supperclub CDs, in case you care to know!
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