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Meeting with the Ekiti House of Assembly Leadership ( #ibmcsc )

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Today the group working with the ICT department had a meeting with the leadership of the Ekiti House of Assembly, including with RT Honourable Speaker Omirin Adewale Albert, Hon. Deputy Speaker Orisalade Adetunji Taiwo, and senior members of their staff. We heard from the Speaker and were given the opportunity to explain to the Speaker and his staff our work our Smerter Governance and Citizen Identity Management Systems projects (Cynthia did a great job representing the team as the primary speaker). It was a great opportunity to meet with more members of the government and get a legislative perspective to our projects (and it even resulted in some small scope change which will be great for the project).

And of course, pictures from the event:

2013-02-22 09.56.00 (Small)

DSC00240 (Small)

DSC00239 (Small) DSC00237 (Small) DSC00236 (Small) DSC00235 (Small) DSC00234 (Small) DSC00233 (Small) DSC00232 (Small) DSC00230 (Small)

Tomorrow we will be working on our community service project at the School for the Deaf and Blind. The team is looking forward to the volunteer opportunity. And with all of the major photo-takers in our team there, you can be sure that we will have a lot of photos :)

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