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Market Visit and Dinner at the Melting Pot ( #ibmcsc )

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Every hard working team needs a night off :)

Today we made a visit to the market in order to do some shopping (weren’t so successful but was nice to look around) and after the market we went out for dinner which was a nice change from the hotel. The place is called The Melting Pot was a fun night out at least in the beginning! In the end the place was just so busy and the staff was so disorganised and confused that the night ended in a huge debate with the staff over the invoice so the place is not to be recommended for dinner, but our lunch experience was fun enough!

Anyway, we’ll remember the fun parts and the good photos :)

IMG_1324 (Small) IMG_1440 (Small) IMG_1437 (Small) IMG_1433 (Small) IMG_1420 (Small) IMG_1416 (Small) IMG_1415 (Small) IMG_1396 (Small) IMG_1385 (Small) IMG_1375 (Small) IMG_1371 (Small) IMG_1368 (Small) IMG_1364 (Small) IMG_1357 (Small) IMG_1356 (Small) IMG_1352 (Small) IMG_1350 (Small) IMG_1343 (Small) IMG_1340 (Small) IMG_1334 (Small) IMG_1327 (Small)

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