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Osogbo Sacred Forest and Dance Performance ( #ibmcsc )

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So today the team took the long awaited trip to Osogbo in order to visit the sacred forest. It was the one thing that we had wanted to see and it was fantastic that we were able to finally see the forest and learn about it’s history and cultural significance. It was named a UNESCO World Heritage site. We were also equally fortunate to get a personal tour with by the Managing Director of the site.

IMG_1884 (Small) IMG_1875 (Small) IMG_1872 (Small) IMG_1867 (Small) IMG_1857 (Small) IMG_1856 (Small) IMG_1848 (Small) IMG_1845 (Small) IMG_1839 (Small) IMG_1838 (Small) IMG_1831 (Small) IMG_1829 (Small) IMG_1827 (Small) IMG_1824 (Small) IMG_1818 (Small) IMG_1816 (Small) IMG_1807 (Small) IMG_1806 (Small) IMG_1800 (Small) IMG_1794 (Small) IMG_1791 (Small) IMG_1789 (Small) IMG_1780 (Small)

After our visit to Osogbo we saw a dance troop perform traditional African dancing which was complete with acrobatics. They were a pretty interesting bunch to see dancing!

IMG_1903 (Small) IMG_1899 (Small) IMG_1895 (Small) IMG_1893 (Small) IMG_1890 (Small) IMG_1888 (Small) IMG_1887 (Small)

We also paid a visit to the Nike Gallery (not associated with the sports clothing company, but it is the name of a famous Nigerian artist) and her home and workshop, but more on that later.

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