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CSC Nigeria Team 6 Final Presentations to the Ekiti State Governor’s Executive Council ( #ibmc

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So today is the day! The four weeks of work that we have done culminates today in a presentation of our work to Mr Governor’s Executive Council (which includes his Commissioners and Special Advisors, Permanent Secretaries, and other guests of Mr Governor).

The team decided to do the presentation wearing traditional Nigeria clothing, which was very well received by our clients and the Council!

IMG_1946 (Small)

After some comments and introductions from the Governor as well as from the IBM General Manager for West Africa, the team gave their presentations on the 5 projects that we had been working on:

  • New Initial for Social Development (NISD) – a NGO (Presented by Bob)
  • Ekiti State University (Presented by Christina)
  • E-Schools (Presented by Peter)
  • E-Government (Presented by Cinthia)
  • Citizens Information Management System (Presented by Rodney)

I have to say that I was proud of everyone presenting! And for representing their teams and IBM so well. It was a great source of pride to be associated with such a great team!

IMG_1964 (Small) IMG_1965 (Small) IMG_1968 (Small) IMG_1969 (Small) IMG_1970 (Small) IMG_1976 (Small) IMG_1979 (Small)

After the presentations with Mr Governor, Christina and I took questions from the television press. I have a new appreciation for those who be interviewed all of the time!

IMG_2021 IMG_2022

In the evening we are invited to a dinner hosted by Mr.Governor as a celebration of the work that we had done. We will cover that in a separate blog entry :)


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