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I need to get out more

I just realised that over the couple of weeks, I haven't left the house much, unless it is going out to see Robin, or to run an errand. I just noticed that I didn't leave the house at all on Sunday. I only left on Saturday to meet Robin out at the club. I only the house on Friday to run an errand, and then meet Robin out. I only left the house on Thursday to go out with Robin. I only left the house on Wednesday to run an errand and go out with Robin. But I did go out on Monday and Tuesday.

Oh yeah, and then there is going to work directly in the office thing, which I only did on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (I worked from home on Thursday and Friday).

I must make an effort to get out more. And I was thinking of maybe spending Friday in Norway. And my class begins tomorrow. Raise your hand if you are nervous! (I am)

I've been working since 05.00am this morning...I'm feeling my oats :-)

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