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Hashbrowns on Demand

OK, so I have gripe here to share with you guys, if for no other reason than to share with you the issues that plague me!

During my morning commute, I have the opportunity to visit three McDonalds if I so choose to go to them. However, 99% of the time I avoid them. But once every often, I get a craving for a breakfast sandwich or a hash brown. And that is my problem.

Once you at the counter and order a hash brown, you quickly realise that hash browns are an "on demand" offering, meaning that they won't make one unless you ask for it. Despite the fact that during breakfast. most people want hash browns. So they make them one at a time. Which is the strangest damn thing I've seen.

Now although IBM has an e-business on demand strategy, I am not sure the Swedish McDonald's Hash Browns on Demand strategy is going to net them anything positive.

Another McIssue I have is the fact that they run out of breakfast items. Like yoghurt, bread, and hash browns. So some days they can't even serve breakfast. So strange to be part of a multi-national conglmorate fast food chain, yet struggle to find an english muffin.

And this happens at all of the McDonalds I've ever been to in Sweden. Oh well, guess that's why I don't go to them very often...and that's a good thing ;-)
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