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Long Time, No Update

So, it's been a fairly long time and I haven't updated in so long. I feel kinda bad about that, so let me give you an update now of where things are in my life.

I was having a pretty bad period at work...and I still am. I have kinda felt under-valued, but I have gotten some encouraging signs from management that my services are still valued and appreciated. So that does in fact make me kind of happy.

Yesterday was the last day of the audit. It was an intense experience, but now we have loads of administrative actions to take, so the fun isn't really over yet.

And the washing machine is broken, so it takes twice as long to wash my clothes due to a water pump issue.

So since I last wrote (I can't remember when that was), I was at a party with the Prime Minister's daughter and some of the Foreign Ministry staff, I partied way too hard over a 3-day weekend period. I went to Denmark and Norway, and I have scheduled return trips to each place as well for November. I will be in the US for a week or so in November to see Maha married off, Thanksgiving, and some relaxing.

At the moment, I am feeling entirely blah...too much stress, too much fun...too much everything...I have to bring it down a level in all aspects of life...besides, I have a cold.
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