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Happy Saturday Morning!

I am not sure why I am so happy. Maybe it has more to do with the fact that I didn't go out last night. So I woke up around 07.30 today, started corresponding with friends and reading my friend's journal entries, and I have my favourite jazz CD in the player and I have a cup of Starbucks coffee in hand (I have to have the coffee imported since they don't carry it in Sweden) and some fresh-made strawberry bread.

It's 09.30 now, so on today's agenda:

  • Go to gym and workout

  • Go into town to systembolaget and get a bottle of champagne for a house-wamring party tonight

  • Finish the rest of my shopping at the supermarket

  • Clean the guest bedroom

But most importantly, I need to get Maha's wedding present. And I think she will love it. It will be stylish and classy....just like my Maha! :-)
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