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"Brussels" or "The Little Psuedo Frenchmen That Could"

Hej hej journal. How are you? I am doing good so far. Well, I came, I took project management, and I passed the course! Woo hoo! I was so happy to pass the class. I got 22 out of 25 questions correct, and I swear that had I not been so hung-ovre most mornings, I would have gotten those last 3 questions. When I reviewed my answers on the exam, I knew exactly which ones I got wrong. So I was pretty happy overall.

Well, after a pretty hard night partying last night, I decided that I would try and visit Steve and Scott in London. But alas, the prices were so expensive, that it didn't make sense to go there, because I would have had to have come back to Brussels on Sunday morning in order to make my flight (my Brussels-Stockholm ticket is non-changable so I had to leave from Brussels).

So instead I went shopping, because as we all know, Rodney can make the wrong things right with only a few small purchases :-) So I tried to find some things to wear at Zara, but like the Gap, it just hasn't been meeting my needs lately. I went to C&A, and got some cool clothes, walked past H&M, and realised people outside of Sweden pay waaaaaaaay too much for that crap, went to the Free Record Shop (it is not really free..that's just the name) and picked up some music, went to a cosmetics store and got some beauty enhancers, and then went to the Sony Ericsson Store and got a USB connector so that I could backup my phone to my computer and do some other pretty useless things with it. I ended the day off (which began at like 13.00) with a trip to the supermarket, to get some juices, some yoghurt drink, and some water. So I pretty happy with the day I guess. I just wish I had been able to get some outfits. I mean, I have clothes being shipped over in time for the important August parties, but it would have been nice to get some clothes to wear immediately.

Anyway, it's almost 19.00 now, and if I am going to go out and party tonight, then I need to take a disco nap and get some sleep. Besides, I was dancing and partying all night, and between 13.00 yesterday and 17.30 today, I hadn't eaten anything. I was feeling kinda sick, but I feel totally better now. At least those sand-blasted diesel jeans will fit better tonight, so it is not all bad! :-)

Ciao for now. Love you journal! :-)

Hej då everyone! And all of you former followers of my adventures at diaryland, feel free to leave comments. I will probably be a lot more interactive here because it sends a link to my e-mail when someone responds to a post I make.

Love, Rodney

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