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Traveling Man...

So when I go to the US, I'll have a lot to do:

20 November 2003
Depart: Stockholm
Arrive: Boston (via London)

21 November 2003
Depart: Boston
Arrive: New Orleans (via Dallas-Fort Worth)

23 November 2003
Depart: New Orleans
Arrive: Boston

28 November 2003
Depart: Boston
Arrive: Atlanta (via Chicago-O'Hare

29 November 2003
Depart: Atlanta
Arrive: Boston (via Chicago-O'Hare)

Depart: Boston
Arrive: Stockholm (on 30 November 2003 via London)

I'm trying to fit in an trip to New York on that Tuesday for some shopping. Any of my NY friends wanna put me up for the night so that I can stay over instead of having to return right away? And maybe even take in a show? :-)

Oh yeah, and thanks to all of my Swedish friends who have volunteered to house sit whilst I am in the US. Don't go breaking things now! :-)
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