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"Grrrr....." or "Two More Reasons to Learn Swedish"

So, one of the things about Sweden is that everything must be communicated and all expectations must be managed, otherwise, something that you never anticipated always happens.

For example, take my internet service. Since my company set it up for me, one would assume that they were going to pay it for me as well. However, as it turns out, they only set it up for you, and then you pay it and they reimburse you for it. Which seems entirely reasonable to me. However, since they said "we'll take care of the internet service" when I first got it up and running, one could have assumed that also meant that they were just get the bill directly and take care of it.

It's kinda annoying, since both ways would have been right, but both sides should have made sure that the expectations were clear.

And the second annoying thing will be having my expense accounts reimbursed. The application is in Swedish. I guess I can find a secretary somewhere to submit the paperwork for me, or I can just have someone sit down with me and work through it. I am not sure what I'll do yet.

You know, if these are my major issues of the day (so far), I think I should stop bitching. :-)

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