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"Hey Ya!"

Hey people! What's up?

It's the weekend! I am not celebrating halloween, but I will go out and party tonight anyway. Dinner at this terrific restaurant called Kryp In (not a halloween restaurant) with Scott, Leslie, and Lotta. Maybe will see Rob, Caroline, and their friends out for drinks tonight. Not so sure about seeing Tomas and Markus, it just depends on how our calendars work out tonight.

Overall, life is interesting, frustrating, challenging, rewarding, happy, and sad at the same time.

Welcome to Rodney's So-Called Life.

I will update everyone more I promise. Also, I am feeling generous, so if you are one of my friends who regularly visits my journal and wants a LJ code and promises to use LJ and not waste the code, let me know and I might give it to you. I'm only offering 1 or 2 of them, so act now :-)

Peace and Love everyone! More details soon I promise!

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