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Stupid Washing Machine Problem landlord still has not had the washing machine repaired. So I had no choice today but to send him the following letter. And I hate being bitchy, but come on, what I am supposed to do? Wallow in filth?!?

It certainly isn't more convenient to have to go around the city and shop do all of this extra work. He ought to be glad I don't additionally charge him for my time.

Dear Kenneth,

I just wanted to follow up my voice mail and my SMS with this fax, summarising the past week and informing you about the actions I am going to take.

In summary, on Wednesday, 22 October 2003, I contacted you regarding the washing machine in my flat being broken. With you assistance, I was contacted by the repair technician on Thursday, 23 October 2003, who informed me that he would stop by my apartment on Friday, 24 October 2003. The technician did show up and examine the washing machine at 07.00 CET on 24 October 2003 as promised. After his review of the washing machine, he determined that he needed to order parts and that he would contact me when those parts had arrived.

Since I had not gotten a response back from the repair technician, I contacted you again on Wednesday, 29 October 2003, and you confirmed to me that you would contact the repair technician and that the repair technician should contact me. On Thursday, .30 October, I had not heard a response from the repair technician and I decided to contact you again. You informed me that the repair technician had the spare parts and should contact me to make the repairs on Friday, 31 October. However, it is now Saturday, 01 November 2003, and I did not receive a call from the repair technician and the washing machine still is not fixed.

As there are no community laundry facilities in the group of buildings that you have made me aware of, I have no choice but to the take the following actions, on the assumption that by Tuesday, the washing machine will be in working order:

  • I will today buy additional bedding for the master bedroom, consisting of sheets and pillow cases.

  • I will today buy an additional set of towels

  • I will today bring down essential clothing to the dry cleaner, with a limit of 10kg of clothing. I will ask them to perform regular laundry service where possible, but dry cleaning for items necessary to present and maintain a professional working image on the Monday and Tuesday work days.

For the above items, I will retain the receipts so that I can mail them to you. You should anticipate that I will be deducting these items off of the rent payment due on 30 November 2003.

Note that for the towels and the bedding, in the spirit of the rental contract, since you are paying for these items, you should update your inventory listing for this apartment to include the items listed on the receipt because they will be yours.

I feel that I have worked very hard to try and avoid this point. However, you have elected to provide a service in the apartment, and when that service is not provided, it is only fair that you absorb the cost until the service can be restored.

We will review this situation again on Monday. If we cannot ensure that the problems are resolved by Tuesday morning (meaning a working washing machine or other arrangements agreed-to by you and me), then I will repeat the same three actions again until the situation is resolved.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if there are any questions.


I hate it when I have to be a bitch to people who ought to know better. He's a landlord. And he's been a decent one at that. But this is just unacceptable. Am I wrong? I do pay SEK 18,000 a month for this place, furnished, including a washing machine and dryer. Maybe I expect too much?
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