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Weekend at Bernie's. Or in Helsinki. Whatever

So, after having a shitty morning yesterday in which the repair technician and the landlord failed to fix my dryer, I decided that I had to take matters into my own hands and buy some new bedding. It is quite nice actually. I call my bed "Cloud Nine" (tm), because it is heavenly for both permanent occupant and visitor ;-). However, now that I have a navy blue and white motif going on, I am not sure what to call my bed. Something like "Stormy Seas" (tm). I am not sure yet. If you have suggestions, let me know.

So after I bought new sheets and towels, and everything was going wrong, I decided to leave Stockholm for a day.

I was at the Forex Exchange to change some currency. I take my queue number and wait in line. When it is my turn in queue, I wait behind this couple, who is chatting with the customer service agent (never mind that the wait time was 20 minutes because there are so many people waiting). When the couple leaves and I get to the window, it turns out that the lady pressed the queue button again and skipped over me. But I went to her anyway because it was technically my turn. When I get to the window, this rude guy jumps in front of me and says "missed your turn, you need a new queue number." I said "no I didn't, she was talking and no matter what the machine says, I am next." The lady takes his ticket and promises to serve me next if I just step back. So I take my queue ticket, and then in a moment of anger said "no, not today. you will serve me next, you will give this man back his queue ticket, (and turning to the man said) you sir, will wait your turn in silence and without further debate. today people is not the fucking day. do we all understand what is about to happen?". I stared around and no one spoke. The guy took his queue ticket back and waited behind me, the lady processed my request, and I was on my way. I feel shitty when I have to be a bitch, but I will never be trampled over. If I really felt like I had missed my turn, I would said my apologies, taken a new ticket, and promised to pay closer attention next time. However, the point of failure was the lady pressing the button on the queue machine before she was finished with her previous customer. And seeing that I was in a hurry, I couldn't afford to be as nice as usual.

So I looked on SAS for the cheapest place to go within 1100 SEK (my weekend budgets are 2000 SEK, inclusive of Thursday - Sunday). It turns out that was Helsinki. I had actually booked a ticket there a couple of weeks ago, but was unsure if I was really going to go, so I never formally purchased the ticket. So when I got the airport, the walk-up price was SEK 4000, but SAS decided to honor the 1100 SEK price, which was quite nice of them (the lady was really friendly, I almost gave her a hug because otherwise I would have stayed in Stockholm). When I got the gate, I chatted with the check-in agent for a bit (I had wanted an exit row seat, and after he helped me, I had told him "thanks so much for his help. It's nice to see a friendly service-oriented face today. I hope you have a great day." Well, after that, he called me back to the desk a few minutes later and informed that that he upgraded me to a business class seat. Which was nice of him. I get to Helsinki Airport and get on the Finnair Bus, and I got a free ride on the bus (normally €4.90). It get to the hotel, and I get a complimentary upgraded room in their "Club Ambassador" section of the hotel, a box of chocolates, and a voucher good for €17.00 of stuff from the mini-bar. It just felt so nice and it was appreciated. It was the type of wind down to the day I needed. Went to sauna for a bit, met up with a friend, had a great time overall.

The Helsinki experience has been everything I needed. I am now prepared to deal with all of the crap that will come my way tonight in Stockholm and Monday at the office.

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