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Fuck MS-Money...I'm Moving Over to Quicken

For a very very very long time, I've kinda just let my checkbook balancing go all to hell, so I guess it is time I re-assert some financial control. It's not that I haven't been keeping tabs, because I generally am right within a few hundred dollars.

However, the problem I have is that MS-Money isn't connecting to the financial institutions over my network connection all of the time. And there are some transactions I just can't perform in MS-Money that I can now do in Quicken (like keep track of my 401(k) because Quicken and my plan company have creted the online link).

So fuck it...I'm moving over to Quicken. Which is sad too, because I've used Microsoft Money ever since it came out in 1994. I'm tired of being Tina Turner and Microsoft being Ike.

Fix your fucking software, bizatches!

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