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The Flight Experience / The Home Experience / The Phone Experience

So just a quick update.

First, I apologise for not reading people's journals and responding in them. I promise that I will be looking over them in the next few days and responding to everyone. It's just been hectic :-(

So anyway, my flight experience on American was quite nice actually. I got a coach seat, upgraded to business with miles, and got bumped to first thanks to a couple that was arguing over who was going to get the one complimentary first class seat being offer to them (in the end, since they couldn't decide, I piped in and said I would take it jokingly, but they actually gave me the first class seat). I had forgotten what it was like to fly first class because it had been so long. The flight was mostly OK...some sleeping, some working, some plotting and planning :-) And for those of you in Boston who fly internationally, Terminal E kicks so much ass! I am impressed.

My experience from there gets a bit better. I get to te Hertz lot and they are out the styles of volvo and jag that I usually get them to upgrade me to for free. I was bitterly disappointed and shared my views with the Gold Counter manager, who then let me pick from a choice of Ford Mustangs. There was a blue one, a black one, and a yellow one. I went for the yellow -- The Speedy Lemon as I called it. Quite a nice car. I told them I would be back on Sunday and expected a volvo, since Jags are too much of a high right item to be driving to New York with (if I go).

Finally, fed up with my US phone (a crappy motorola from 3 years ago), I called T-Mobile and reminded them that I had been a customer since they were Omnipoint (the first digital wireless provider in Boston back in 1997 when they had offices at Copley Square). So they offered me a choice of a free Nokia phone (they had two styles available), but none of them suited me. So I told them that I wanted a SonyEricsson T610 so that my SonyEricsson T68i (which I use for work in Sweden) "had a friend". They laughed and offered to me for $249. I reminded them of my length of time with them, so they dropped it down to $199.00. I told him he could better and that since 24 November is right around the corner (the date when in the US, you can take your wireless number with you if you change service providers), perhaps we could focus on how we could deliver service with customer retention in mind. That brought the price down to $149.00 + tax wth free express shipping and a $50 mail-in rebate. I should have my new phone on Monday, but I told him I didn't see any reason why he couldn't organise Saturday. He said he's try his best.

So today has been good overall and I lack the ability -- actually the right -- to complain too loudly.

OK, as much fun as this is, I need to scram if I am going to make my flights and get down to New Orleans to attend Maha's wedding.

Ciao everyone!
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