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The Wedding: The Second Update

Maha's wedding was absolutely beautiful. Maha was stunning as a bride of course, there was an open bar, and the entire evening was a success for them. For which I am glad.

Steve and I went out again after the wedding. We partied all night again and then stoped for some pastries on the way back to the hotel. We helped this woman who broke her ankle, went back and packed, and then he left for Atlanta and I left for Boston. Since I only had 8 hours of sleep over the past 4 days, I was really tired when I got home, but I managed to squeeze in dinner with Jason, and then came back and got a solid 8 hours (from midnight to 8am) and I feel a lot better now.

Today involved making a trip to the post office, and I have to go pick up a relative from the airport and then meet another one of my friends for dinner at the Cheesecake factory.

Tomorrow will be about being involved with the family in different ways, and for making a final list of things that I have to accomplish before I leave. And finally, I changed my flight arrangements to Atlanta so that on Friday, I leave Boston at 6am and get into Atlanta at noon, giving me more time to party in Atlanta before coming back to Boston on that Saturday and making the trek back to Stockholm.

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