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Day One: Back At Work

Overslept today. That wasn't a bad thing though because I was so tired. Got into the office and found that there was a problem with one of the databases that I own, so that ate up some time. Things are picking up where they left off pretty much.

We moved to offices closer to the Kista T-bana today. That was a good thing because it's less of a walk, and we are closer to the tasty places to eat. What sucks is that I no longer have a desk to call my own, so I must use one of the mobile workplaces. I am really ok with it though, because it means that I will now work a combination (partyl from home, partly from the Nordea office downtown Stockholm, and partly from Kista). I will only be up in Kista when I need to do something administratively.

Off to Denmark tomorrow, but decided to come back home later than evening instead of flying straight on to Oslo. I will fly to Oslo on Thursday morning and stay in Finland on Thursday and Friday evenings, coming back on Saturday.

In some ways, it's good to be back :-)
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