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Happy Thursday (or something like that)

I have been back from the US only since Sunday afternoon, so I am still a bit jet lagged.

On Monday that I went to bed at 10.30. Robin came back from Berlin on Tuesday night at around 22.30. We went to bed around 23.30 I think because I had to wake up for a flight to Denmark on Wednesday.

Denmark was ok. I was there to give education, and as it turned out, the main event was cancelled, so I spent the time effectively anyway, focusing on Danish organisational activities. I took the 18.00 flight back home to Stockholm, and that was cool beause I chatted with Rob. I also got 2 bottles of champagne and 2 bottles of wine, to re-stock my wine and champagne collection. It is not duty free, but it was tax free, which means that it was still cheaper than buying it in Sweden. So that brought me up to 8 bottles of champagne, 3 bottle of sparkling wine, and 32 bottles of various wines, many of my Australian, South African, and Germany favourites.

Then went to go see Kill Bill vol. 1 with Robin. It was a pretty interesting movie to say the least (I will probably go to see vol. 2 as well). We ate dinner at Kungshallen since it had to be a quick meal. I was so tired that I went right to sleep when I got home, especially since I had to go visit tax/duty-free before my trip to Norway. I bought 2 more bottles of champagne, some skin care supplies, and some more ciggies for Caroline (I'm up to 600 Caroline...I'll try to up get in another 200 before I am done! -- and since Steve is coming to Sweden as well, I will see if I can enlist him to bring some from the US :)

Today I am in Norway, because I had to give SMDC education. The day is going along ok, but I have so much to do. I am now running 1 programme and 2 projects, so I have my workday filled with work to do and not enough time, but I prefer it be this way, and I asked for this. I just need to get an administrative assistant to manage my life and I will be all set.

Anyway, I am off. I have some documents to prepare. Some techincal issues to get fixed, and 3 programme/project definition reports to write!

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