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Hello journal! :)

It's Saturday morning and I was up ultra early, and then I realised that I have neglected to keep you updated on the goings-on in my life, so let's start with Thursday.

So after a shitty Wednesday, and a marginally better Thursday at work, it was time to go out into the archipelago. Caroline organised the night out and it included her main squeeze Rob, my friend Tomas, as well as friends Kevin, Annika, and Terease. Tomas and I caused us to be a bit late, but it was all good, because everyone was in good spirits and just wanted to have a good time.

So I brought "nibbles" (appetisers, for those of us who are not from the UK) and salad and bread. I was supposed to bring this for 10 people, but only seven ended up coming, so as you can imagine, there were lots of nibbles and salad and bread. I had brought so many nibbles, but that it could have qualified as a meal. But everyone dug in, and then we were BBQing, and singing music (Rob brought his guitar) and having a few drinks.

However, the highlight of the experience was when Caroline and Rob attached the inflatable raft behind the speedboat. Out on the archipelago, Kevin went first and did pretty well. Tomas went second and was amazing...we could not get him to wipe out at all. In the end, he wiped out due to exhaustion. Rob went third and gave it an admirable attempt. I went fourth and didn't do too badly, although apparently the video tells another story. And then Caroline went, and after seeing her perform, I was convinced that she should be in the third Charlie's Angels movie! :-)

So we got back from eating, drinking, being out on the water (and I took a quick nap out in the archipelago) around 01.30. It was such a great time. I enjoyed it so much. It was such a nice break from work.

I was supposed to be in Oslo on Friday, but when I woke up at 05.30 to take my flight, the world felt like it was rocking back and forth and my stomach was queezy. So I decided against going to Oslo, since I wasn't sure if I was actually sick with something, or if it was just the after-effects of me being on the boat. I tried to work from home, but my main internet is still out and the phone connection was shot, so I had to go into the office. What a wasted day that was. The one meeting I went into the office for was cancelled, and the call I could have taken from home (with our European division lead) so so stupid and pointless that it was better not to be on the call at all. So after some serious "positive contention", I went home from the office with Caroline, who was also in. We decided on the way home to get some drinks at a local bar, and Rob decided to join us. We had some drinks and decided that going out on the boat again would be a great idea :-) After talking to Tomas, we selected Sunday as the day to go. We also asked Tomas to invite Mountain Boy along, so that should be interesting if he decides to come.

I was supposed to go picnicing and clubbing last night, but I was still feeling kinda woozy, and those caparinahs and white wines weren't helping. So after McDinner with Rob and Caroline, I decided to go home and go to sleep. So at 10pm, it was quite an early night.

Well, I wrote an awful lot, but anyway, hope everyone is well.

Hej då everyone and love you journal :-)

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