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Scott's Goodbye -- The Details

So Scott is now back in the mother country.

On Thursday we met up at Grodan for dinner...Scott and about 20 of his closest friends and work associates. And dinner was pretty good. Then we moved onto to Hotellet, which opened a new night club. The club itself was pretty nice, but the people were kinda trashy. I had a champagne toast for Scott, which was the least that I could do.

We stayed until the bar closed, and then we moved onto Buddah Bar. It wasn't so much fun, but it was nice enough. It was much more about the company at that point, and everyone was pretty cool to hang out with.

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay and party with Scott, because I had a plan to catch to Paris. So at 03.00, I called it quits and went home.

But no worries Scott, I have a feeling that I will be visiting London sooner rather than later :-)
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