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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

Well, I am feeling a lot better. So this is a definate positive. I didn't listen to Dr. malte's advice (probably a bad idea), and I went out drinking and partying. It seems that is what my body wanted...not what it needed - it needs rest...but wanted. :-)

My party had only about 8 people...I invited 28. But you know what, it was a success anyway. It was cozy and comfortable. And we stuffed ourselves with snacks and drinks and listened to good music. I just need to remember that it was probably too close to Christmas. Or I just don't have many friends. Whatever, it didn't diminish the night.

The next party will be in January or February (and Malte, I promise to invite you, a factor I overlooked in my dayquil/nyquil/sudafed-induced state *sad and "i'm sorry" face*)

It's snowing at the moment, Deborah Cox is in the CD player, and I am gorging myself on vodka-filled chocolates. I feel so Marlon Brando at the if all the cares of the world can be forgotten just by eating an entire apple pie.
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