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Dec. 23rd, 2003

So what do I have to be
Thankful for?

It's the day before
Christmas Eve
and I have a lot of work to
do today, but it seemed to be the right thing to do to take some time and try
and figure out why I should be thankful?

It seems everyone else likes to do that during
Thanksgiving, but I think of Thanksgiving as a time to eat.  Christmas is
the time of day where you try and figure out what the hell it all means. 
Or at least it does to me.  So I reflect here on things, which for better
or worse, from the complex to the mundane,
have made an impact on my life and should give me cause to reflect and be

The Good

  • The friendships that I have formed this year.  They have
    been essential to me learning more about me as a person and growing.

  • The relationship that I am trying to foster.  So far, so
    good. :)

  • My health, even as it gets better or worse, depending on what
    I do to myself

  • Employment.  That's a luxury many don't have this year. 
    And I get the honor of working abroad, even when it is frustrating at

The Eternal

  • My family.  Without them, I am lost.

  • The past friendships that I have made.  Close friends that have
    stood the test of time.

The Indifferent

  • LiveJournal.  Really, it's true.  It seems small, but it's
    made a big difference in my motivation to keep a journal and a log of what
    is happening in my life.  And it's helped in a big way to fight
    concerns that I am not available enough and that people don't know what's
    going on in my life.

  • American-made over-the-counter medications.  The strongest on the
    planet and none of which are available in Sweden without a medical
    perscription for a much lower dosage.

  • The presidential 2004 election season.  We have a chance to
    correct the mistaken outcome of the 2000 presidential election.

There is plenty more to add, and maybe I will come back to this...


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Dec. 23rd, 2003 01:32 pm (UTC)
On the other hand, your sense of taste in web design seems to have gone downhill reeeeal fast ;-)
Dec. 23rd, 2003 11:21 pm (UTC)
lol...there is a reason for it actually. i was having a discussion with someone at work yesterday (I was at work until 8pm) over some fundamental principles regarding US website design requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act. Interestingly enough, the colors one chooses can subject one to a lawsuit if you are a corporation. So to make a point, I decided to use some pretty ugly colors, and selected only those colors that would confuse RBG visually-inhibited folks...meaning they can't see my words. My point being that my page is one of billions of personal pages. No one is going to be upset if they can't see my words.

So I keep the color scheme there for the moment out of protest. But later on in the week, I will actually finish adding what I wanted to add, and change the color back to clear.
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