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Set Adrift on a Memory Bliss

So I cleaned the flat today. It only took two hours, but I cleaned everything from the windows down to polishing the floor. I forgot how difficult it is to clean. But hopefully, if I start tidying up every day or every other day, I will do a better job.

So finished cleaning at 2pm, took a shower, and then Tomas called. He has a wedding to go to, but he's back at about 3am and will be in the mood to party. I guess we can then go to a club or two for a few hours before finding an after party to hang out at. And tonight, Mariselle comes back, so we should be able to meet up with her and Linda. It should be a fun night, and it just leaves me with not much to do until about 2am or so when I can wake up and shower and get ready to go out. Or maybe I'll get in like 4 more hours of shut eye and head out to a few clubs and meet Tomas out instead of being home waiting for his call (I ain't no Whitney Houston Waiting-to-Exhale wannabe ;). The only bad part is that Tomas, Mountain Boy, and I will be out on the boat tomorrow with Caroline and Rob. And I am not too sure I want to be on a plastic raft, hanging on for dear life, totally destroyed. But we'll see. :-)

Shortly after 3pm I passed out again. I kept on phasing in and out of consciousness. This is so strange. I have never been so tired like this before. But on the other hand, all I had for breakfast this morning was a yoghurt drink, some OJ, and a banana -- and it is 30 degrees (about 90ish if you need farenheight conversion) outside. So it wouldn't surprise if my body just shut down to converse on energy.

Well, it is so nice outside, I feel like I need to go take a walk outside and get some energy for tonight. I just have to figure out what to wear. This shouldn't be too difficult - I did laundry today as well.

I guess I need to have proper dinner first. So far, after waking up 30 minutes ago, I had crackers and pate and some apple juice. Maybe I'll make a grilled chicken ceasar salad and have some fresh baked bread and white wine call that dinner. Quick-n-easy (20 minutes to make), and then I can walk it off so that I don't look fat. After all, they don't make passes at the ones with fat asses! ;-)

Ciao Journal!
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