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Revelations and Resolutions

Hello everyone.

Been awhile since I posted anything meaningful publically, so I figured that I would put in an update now -- in between me just cleaning the kitchen and getting it dirty again when I make dinner.

The past week has been very very busy, but I feel that I have been on top of my element in being able to be the project manager 2 major projects (task managing 15 people and about US$250k / SEK1.8 milion), along with high participation in 2 smaller projects. I think I used my time effectively this week, and I am have been happy with the results. It has also meant that I have been very tired.

Personally, I decided that I needed some new years resolutions, and I am not sure how I am going to put those together and come up with a system to manage those resolutions. But I will do it. I decided that most people make resolutions in january and then brake them by June. So I am going to begin my resolutions for the year in February, limit them to 6 items, and then come up with a way to introduce each new resolution gradually, For example, I'll work on my first resolution in February and get a steady pace going. Then in March, I will introduce the second important resolution, on the assumption that I had a month to get used to incorporating the first resolution into my life. And that probably tells you something about my resolutions. They aren't things like "lose 10 pounds or go down a few waist sizes". They are resolutions to change my foundation, such as "set up and execute a regular exercise schedule" and "save an additional X% of my income this year". The challenge is then to come up with easy steps to implement in my life and lifestyle to make those resolutions happen. Last year is met 3 of 15 resolutions. That was a shitty rate of success. I can do better with less resolutions that are more meaningful. And unless this year, I put it in my calendar to review my resolutions every quarter to understand where I have succeeded, where I can do better, and adjust my plans as needed.

I am not so sure why I am more serious about my resolutions this year than last year. I don't know why I am putting more effort into my resolutions this year than last year. I think it's because this year, I view my resolutions not as goals to be obtained, but as promises to myself -- and I like to keep my promises.

So cheers and good luck to everyone with resolutions! I hope you are able to keep them and find success! Wish me luck and show me some love as well!

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