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Hey is everyone? I hope that everyone is good. I do have say that the past few weeks have been amazingly busy...busier than I have given them credit for. But I will manage the next couple of weeks quite simply because I must.

Tomororw I have to fly to Copenhagen (a day earlier than I wanted to because of SAS labour/industrial actions cancelled), and there is usually not much to doin CPH on a Sunday. But I will make the best of it. I will be there for the week, mostly at a customer site. It promises to be a very intense experience. I get back on Saturday, only to have to fly out the following Sunday to Finland and stay there until Saturday. Only to fly our to Norway on that Sunday and come back on Saturday. So I don't envision a lot of time in my flat in February. But I accept that because the work needs to be done.

Haven't done any of my expense accounts, American Express will want money soon, but I since the system in the Nordics is manual, there is no way to really get it to them. I will have to work something out with one of my workmates or mail the information to my manager for signature. It'll sort itself out.

Well, other than that, not too much has been happening actually. I have been keeping a relatively low profile around Stockholm and really focused on my work. I think that has more to do with the fact that I am planning a week of holiday in April because I need the break! I have 5 weeks of vacation this year and I intend to use them all!

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