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What else would I be doing at 6am?

So it just finished raining (complete with thunder and lightning) in Stockholm, and I was awake to see it since I went to bed early. And then I decided that I would watch the last episode of buffy. And now all of that combined has me feeling all sad and everything. I quite like Buffy...I am sad that it is off the air. However, they left open some pretty interesting arcs to pursue. And Sarah Michelle Gellar has so little body fat and looks so trim and georgous. I'm jealous as all hell.

So today promises to be another fun day. Went back out on Rob and Caroline's boat on Sunday with some friends and had a great time doing so. My muscles hurt on Monday, but I decided to work out anyway. But at the end, I was all for just a nice and quiet night at home, which I had. Was in bed at 10pm, woke up around 4am, and then stirred until 5am.

Today at work will be very interesting as well, because there is a big announcement coming down from on high. Of course, I know about it already and it would not be cool to speak about, but things at work will get only more interesting, not less. However, I won't be in the office, since now that I have my internet restored, I can work from home. However, I guess I just need to be sure that my friend is not going into the office. I suppose that I could get a lot more done in the office. I will just have to wait and see how I feel in an hour. Maybe what I'll do is that if I feel like going into the office, I will go in during the afternoon, and just work from home in the morning. I like doing that a lot. Besides, I do need to price out some wireless LAN cards anyway.

Oh well, going to log off now to forrage for breakfast. I haven't had breakfast in so long, I am not sure what it looks like. :-)

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