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Hej Hej....

How is everyone? Work has been really busy lately and I haven't had a lot of time to post anything, so I really apologise because I like to keep everyone updated.

Well, this week is shaping up to be one of my busiest week. As it turns out, after this week, my life becomes a lot more manageable because most of the work items that I have been struggling to get completed will be over by the end of next week. But the major deliverables are this week.

Last Thursday I went to go see Scary Movie 3 with Robin and it was so funny. I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time. I then went to Gothenburg to party on Friday. It was a good time, but I drank too much and was really sick on the return ride home to Stockholm on Saturday. I took the X2000 train and I have to say that I really enjoyed taking the train. I would do it again if the price were a little cheaper (note that one can get from Stockholm to Gothenburg for SEK2,000 by train or SEK700 by flying -- but the new carrier providing the service didn't start until just yesterday).

So anyway, Steve is in town for a few months now, so this should be interesting as well. And I have to buy a new gadget (think lots of power in a strong package), and then we are going to dinner.

Should be an interesting night.
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