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Of Things Mice and Men

So I have tried to do a better job with the LiveJournal posting thing. I have been moderately successful.

I communicated with the relocation agent today, and she told me that she would charge a flat fee of SEK10.000 to help us find a new place. However, what that did not include was whether that was payment which was required in advance, or whether that was payment only if I selected a place that she showed me. So I need to contact her on Monday to get that clarification.

Work today was a little bit crappy...I would like it to have turned out better, but I learned today that I can't please everyone -- nor should I try too hard to do that.

Caroline and I were supposed to hang out tonight, but she was too tired, so Robin and I (and maybe Steve) will hang out instead. It's all good, as we have a good time when we are out and about.

I also decided that 12 days into my new workout life, I am still unacceptably fat. Time to take severe action to correct severe fatness.

And finally...Marriott Hotels decided to grant me a free year of platnium membership, even though I had not met the requirement of staying with them for 75 nights. That was nice of them. American Airlines downgraded me to Gold status instead of just letting me stay platnium. No worries. The bastards. Their service was beginning to decline anyway.

But this weekend will be good. I will make something good of it.

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