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Yay Internet! Yay Wireless!

So now that I have established the internet connection back at my flat, I also went ahead and got a wireless router and a wireless card for my laptop. For no real reason other than I wanted not be chained at the desk when I am working. It doesn't make a huge amount of difference, but it is cool that I can now be sat in the living room or in the kitchen or out on my little balcony and can type away.

Haven't been doing a whole lot during the last couple of days. Basically just working and taking it easy. I went out for dinner with Scott and Caroline last night, and that was good fun, even though I was a bit tired. We were supposed to go to Gondolen, which has a really really nice view of the city, but then the rain meant that we rescheduled it for another day. So we went to Lokal (a nice bar) for a drink and then we went to Primo (an Italian restaurant) for dinner. Quite nice overall.

I came home and tried to install the wireless router, and it wouldn't work. So I gave the manufacturer and call and after 5 minutes, we both figured out what was wrong. I felt kinda stupid, like I am forgetting my technical education the more I progress into the business side of things. But at least I knew what he was talking about. And I even managed to sort out the VPN connectivity questions on my own and get it all sorted. So now I switch between work and hardnening the security of the wireless router (thinking multiple WEP 256-bit encryption keys for a start anyone? :-) Doesn't mean I can't be hacked into, but I'll protect myself as much as possible.

Anyway, time to run...have loads of work to do today, and I still can't make complete sense of the organisational announcement that occured at work, so I need to map it out a little more before it starts to make more sense to me.

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