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The Weekend In Review

So I was in Oslo on Friday in order to do some work and run some education sessions. And then since it was cheaper to stay the night than to fly home later that day, I decided to make a night of it in Oslo. It was okey overall, but since I didn't know anyone, it was not as much fun as it could have been. And somewhere along the night, I managed to actually break a tooth. I drank loads of vodka that Friday which is why I didn't notice the pain that much.

I came back to Stockholm on Saturday, and I noticed that I left some items on the airplane (see other posts). I was kinda bummed, but prepared to buy new things if I had to. Went out on Saturday night and got destroyed...which meant that nothing productive happened on Sunday.

Went to an emergency dentist on Sunday. Seems like the broken tooth will have to be removed. But I didn't want to remove it right then and there because I wanted a second opinion. The dentist who was treating me was kinda rude, refused to speak English, and chastised me for not speaking Swedish. So I was in pain, wanted medical advice in a language that I could clearly understand so that I make proper medical decisions (e.g...sure, I can have them take out the tooth -- it will have to come out -- but what were the next steps? Should I replace the tooth or does that tooth have no real impact?)

She put in a temporary filling, gave me my paperwork, wrote some perscriptions, and I decided that I would work with the US Embassy to find an English-speaking dentist. So there is no pain.

Went out last night as well, and there was a general discomfort all night long. And the dentist did a bad job on the temporary filling, so awaking to a rush of pain, I went back to the emergency dentist and they put in a new filling. They are pretty sure the tooth will need to come out in about 2 weeks, which is good because I can plan to be away from work.

So Monday sucks so far, but I called the airport about my lost items and they were retrieved. So perhaps the day can equal out after all...
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