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In a mood...

...a good one in fact.

I find that absolutely love the new Janet Jackson CD. I downloaded the songs to my MP3 player so that I could take them around and listen to them.

I have been singing the songs as I have been walking around the city, or shopping. People don't typically sing and even hum in Sweden, so to do that is strange here. I have never thought of singing to myself as strange. I often do it to releave stress and to stretch the vocal cords (shush Steve!) because I think it's healthy for the voice. And my mom sings beautifully as does most of my family.

But I will say that I was singing a song in the supermarket yesterday. And I hadn't really realised that I was singing as I was shopping. And an old lady looked at me and I got embarassed and apologies. And she told me that I sang really good. So that made my day in a small way.

Anyway, today is my day off so I am working on clearing up some of my e-mail. And maybe the final push on some of those smaller projects that I have been meaning to work on. And then I will go to the gym and work out.

Oh yeah...and the dinner turned out great. Thanks to help from Robin.
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