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Hey Hey Everyone!

It's been ages since I have updated. Things have been "this" busy that I haven't even had time to keep up with e-mail, much less live journal. But that changes for the next 4 days because this morning I am officially on holiday until Tuesday of next week. Yihoo!

Well, since I have last written (I think). I had a party at my place that was really successful. Steve's been around in town and that has been a good thing. My assignment to Sweden was almost ended, but was saved at the last minute (don't know if I will have that same luck next year). Took a Nordic tour (3 countries in 3 days), and the next 2 weekends after I come back from Amsterdam will be spent in London -- one for business and the other for Steve's birthday.

Work has been frustrating, but ok. Things in the personal life department are going okay as well. And I will be in Atlanta in June, with just overnight stops in Boston each way. So the travel calendar is certainly picking up as well. I will plan another trip home later this year, but I don't know for sure since I will have to pay for it out of pocket.

Well, not much else to report really. Things are interesting, as they always are, and I miss so many of you all because you don't e-mail. And I feel like an ass because my friend Kim called me while she was in Switzerland and I was hosting people and couldn't call her back so I missed her call and the opportunity to catch up. KIM IF YOU ARE READING...I AM SOOOOOO SORRY...I'M AN ASSHOLE! I PROMISE TO MAKE IT UP TO YOU :)

Anyway, I hope that everyone is doing okay. I will probably post a phone journal or two because I think that's a cool feature while in Amsterdam.

Take care, keep in touch, and hugs! :)

Love, Rodney

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