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Amsterdam Here I Come! :-)

So I decided that I wanted to go to Amsterdam instead of going home to the US. There are many reasons, the most important one being that Amsterdam is closer than Boston, and my ticket was only SEK 1,500 (about $200), whereas the cheapest flight home was $600. And for the first time, I am using my Marriott points. And that is a good thing too, because I have 400,000 of them left to spend (even after a weekend at the hotel in August).

So I need to go and pack now. I have to be in Oslo tomorrow morning, and my flight leaves at 07.30am, so I need to be up and ready to go at 06.00, and I really don't feel like not making these meetings again (although last week I felt sick and terrible, so it wasn't my fault).

Anyway, off to the shower, then to pack, and then some good quality sleep. Have a good night everyone! :-)
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