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Yeah so everyone is really am I...and we all have loads to do. So I apologise for not updating for some time. But then again, if I have been too busy to update and you have been too busy to read, then I guess we are about square :)

Anyway, last I spoke (I think) at the end of April, Robin and I went to Queen's Day in Amsterdam and it was so much fun. We ran into Darren and Andre and the town was so awesome as usual. Robin and I went to the Supper Club, but the fact that we didn't get a bed made the whole experience not as good as I know that I was capable of being.

Then this past weekend I was in London for the day attending a conference and today is Steve's birthday, so he is in London and I will be joining him, Brett, and Ronnie in London for the weekend.

All things considered, besides just a lot of work and a new job role at IBM in the Nordics (I get new jobs and responsibilities and I can't see to rid myself of the old ones, things are going rather swimmingly.

Anyway, hope everyone is ok. And just for your amusement, here is a pic of Ronald McDonald going to jail.

Ronald McDonald Going to Jail

Well everyone take care and I will update on my weekend after I get back!

Hugs, Rodney

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