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Just some randomness for you to enjoy....

13/6 -04 kl 00.35 skrev Davidito:
Hep Spanky ... I dropped by ... but I didnt have the code and I didnt have your number ... my bad ... my bad organization

anyway I made you a little card (see attached)
you can get the framed version later

Happy b-day

14/6 -04 kl 10.21 skrev American Yankee:
hahahahahah! i love the card! it is so cool!

Thanks so much for the card. Sorry you missed out on my birthday party...but no worries...i am planning the Absolut BBQ in August, so just make sure you are on hand for that :)

14/6 -04 kl 14.22 skrev Davidito:
Glad you had a good one .... Many Happy Returns :O)

14/6 -04 kl 16.44 skrev American Yankee:
thanks...well, not so so many...after all, i am 20 for the 8th year in a row.

14/6 -04 kl 19.40 skrev Davidito:
keep on keepin on like that ... I heard Ester Rolle was only 31 when they buried her

14/6 -04 kl 19.42 skrev American Yankee:
She was only 31? But she looked so young for her age

14/6 -04 kl 19.53 skrev Davidito:
Not a day over 20 ...Keep on Rollin' Ester :O)

14/6 -04 kl 19.58 skrev American Yankee:
hahaha...well i actually though Ester was still alive. But then again, I subscribe to Day Old News. :-)

14/6 -04 kl 20.08 skrev Davidito:
Thats the year old news ..and your subscription has lapsed

Esther Rolle
Date of birth
8 November 1920
Pompano Beach, Florida, USA

Date of death (details)

17 November 1998
Los Angeles, California, USA. (complications from diabetes)

Graduated from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia in 1942.

Left the series Good Times after the 1976-1977 season due to her displeasure with the what she saw as the character of J.J. being a bad role model for young blacks. She returned at the beginning of the 1978-1979 season after the producers guaranteed that they would make J.J. a more respectable character.

14/6 -04 kl 20.09 skrev American Yankee:
well dynomite...someone had to stand up for JJ

Being cast as a lowly crackhead will only get one so far in life....at least Mayor of D.C., but not one step farther...

14/6 -04 kl 20.16 skrev Davidito:
else who would have jump started Janets career :O)

14/6 -04 kl 20.18 skrev American Yankee:
i am sure i've seen a video of ester and janet dancing together somewhere...like the rhythm nation tour or something :)

14/6 -04 kl 20.24 skrev Davidito:
I ahve got to get the number of your weed dealer ...that is some quality chronic

14/6 -04 kl 20.26 skrev American Yankee:
it's a better hallucination than the christina aguilera bobbleheads i thought in my window this morning

15/6 -04 kl 17.22 skrev Davidito:
You do have all the fun hallucinations ...Ohhh the joy of being Rodney

18/6 -04 kl 22.33 skrev American Yankee:
yeah...being me is better than a box of chocolates

18/6 -04 kl 23.14 skrev Davidito:
Cant see th Forest for the Gumps :O)


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Jun. 19th, 2004 01:54 pm (UTC)
19/6 -04 kl 22.54 skrev malte (som nu har slagit upp Esther Rolle på Google):
Did I ever tell you I love the way you write?
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