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Why I Am Giving Money During this Election Year

Normally, I don't give a rat's ass about elections because the decision in November is usually made by now. That's because polling is usually an amazingly accurate predictor of moods and trends.

But something about this year feels different.

This year it feels like the choices and decision made by the next president will affect us for the next generation. You get the feeling that members of the Supreme Court will retire or hang on based on who wins the White House and the composition of the chabmers of Congress (SC Justices are allowed to be political too you know). This year feels like while we will grow closer to bridging the digital divide, the economic and opportunity divide will widen exponentially between the have's and the have-nots. I won't be so drastic as to say tht future of American is at stake. That's trite. And the system of governance in the US is so amazing complex that it's hard for one branch of government to bring it down permanently -- just inflect lots of damage.

So for that reason, I think it is important that everyone give to the campaign and parties of their choice. Because whatever you believe, this is the presidential election year that will determine whether your interests get served not just on the national level, but on the community and town level as well.

There, that was my non-partisan announcement.

My partisan announcement is that the "middle class" and the lower-class cannot afford another term of Dubbya. It could afford it, but only if congress went to the democrats. We'd rather have both the White House and Congress, but we'll take the White House as the Gold and the Congress as the Silver prize. I think that this president has been dishonest about so much that it's hard to trust him. And not about whether or not he had oral sex and lied about it under oath, but about the reasons for sending you family members or friends of family members into harm's way in Iraq. The President who promised straight talk when he said "weapons of mass destruction" were in Iraq, now says "weapons-of-mass-destruction related activity." And there are countless others.

You get the feeling that while president wants to move America forward, that he's not talking about all Americans. He wants to move the Americans who are like him forward. So I ask the question - perhaps foolishly - what about the rest of the Americans?

I look at these candidates and feel that none are truly what this country needs. You get a sense that we needed Reagan in the late 80s and Clinton in the late 90s (I don't follow party lines and rhetoric thanks, I make up my own mind). But I look at Kerry and really truly feel like he is a better choice to lead America into the future. So I will be voting Kerry. Not off of his 4 months of service in Vietnam, but based on the results of Bush's four years in office. Time for a change.
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