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Slept in late...feel a lot better...and uploaded tons more photos (some will be duplicates I know...sorry about that).

I now have about 1300 photos...or about 80% of all my photos up at

For those of you who used to visit my O-Foto collection, I've stopped loading photos to them. They are crap. I say that because they only offer upload, and make you pay for them to burn your photos to a CD based on # of pictures (I would have had to pay over US$40) if you want then back en masse. Furthermore, they require you to buy something preiodically.

Now I understand the model is that they make money on the selling of pictures, but why stay with them when I can print photos on fotki for a similar pirce, and for $25 a year, I have full upload and download access to my pictures and can structure my photos anyway I want?

O-foto just lost a customer in me....although I will still use it to view other people's stuff.
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