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New Tungsten T3

Well, not new, because I got it off of E-Bay. Normally I am not a purchaser off of E-Bay, but the action said that it was owned by a small start-up company that only used it for a few hours until they realised the application they were developing would not work with it. So they are sending the Palm device, with everything in the box, the receipt and the warranty. The T3 costs US$399. In addition, they are throwing in the 512MB expansion card and the travel cradle that they bought. Based off of the vendors they got the stuff from, that's an additonal US$160. So for me, it met my E-Bay rules:

  1. Any successful must save me at least 25%

  2. The payer must accept credit cards so that I can reverse the payment if not what is promised

  3. Seller feedback must be 95% positive or above

  4. Negative feedback must be responded to for a fuller evaluation

When all of those conditions are met, then I feel good. But even then, I've only participated in 4 auction since eBay was established. And they have all been electronics purchases that have not failed me yet.

So all I need to do now is to sit back and wait for my T3. Robin is getting my Palm IIIc. It's not the most advanced on the market, but then Robin is not an advanced computer user, so for him, a color screen and 8MB of memory is more than what he needs!

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