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An Open Letter to Mary-Beth Cahill, Campaign Manager, Kerry-Edwards

Dear Mary Beth,

What a treat it is to receive a message from you twice a month asking for campaign contributions. I duly note that with each passing month, parting with my cash is "more critical than ever before." So you can imagine the sheer euphoria when not only do I get your message from your automatically-generated e-mail processing machine, but when I get the same exact message with different borders and formatting from the DNC website as well.

Having gladly contributed in the past (several times), I can appreicate that presidential campaigns are now a billion-dollar industry. However, the e-mail overload hasn't energized my comment; rather it is curbed my enthusiam.

Since your systems are not able to seperate out requests for political contributions from general information updates, offer alternatives ways to make an non-monetary impact, and just send too many messages asking for money, I have decided to remove myself from the DNC and Kerry-Edwards mailing list.

I am sure me and my limited contributions don't make much of a difference, as your team has probably learned from spammers that the responses usually justify the financial outlays. But I'd like to think that a little more focus on encouraging non-financial activism would have resulted in financial activism by default (how many times have people said "well I cannot volunteer personally, but this contribution ought to cover it..."?)

So while you have my support, you won't see anymore of my money until you begin to practise responsible e-mail practises. Go Kerry.

Most Annoyed,

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