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This is totally unbelievable...or maybe not?

First a warning ... the WEBSITE REFERENCED IS NOT WORK-SAFE! That means that there's some porn-style nudity in it.

OK, with that out of the day....onto my original-scheduled post!

So I was chatting with some friends on QX (the gay internet portal for Scandinavia), when I came into contact with a person called "Spermhora". He's 21 and his QX name translates into "Sperm Whore". OK, I don't begrudge him that because everyone is an individual and are entitled to do what they like.

But get this...he also has a website, in which he advertises himself to the world and even provides his mobile number to everyone.

Maybe it's just me, but I can't imagine ever wanting to meet this guy! But I was still amazed of what he put out there of himself on the internet. Maybe he's a braver soul than I. Maybe he's just trashy. Maybe he's comfortable with himself enough to flaunt the normal conventions of meeting people and just admit what he likes and wants right up front. Whatever the case, I thought it was a bit peculiar.

Why someone would create an internet website like that is one of two of my perplexing thoughts of the day. The second thought just an informal poll of what you guys think?

Maybe I am getting old and conservative now, so what opinions of thoughts do you other have?
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