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Lonely Lunches

Well, now that Steve has left IBM, Caroline has left the Nordics, and I am integrated into the Swedish and Nordic organisations, it means that I don't have anyone to lunch with when I come into the Kista office. I don't mind lunching by myself on occasion. In fact, it can be quite nice to have some peace and quiet. But now I am back to where I started in September 2002, really all by myself in the Nordics.

I think that to counter that sense of being by myself, I better start going into the downtown Stockholm office more often sense there are a lot of international assignees there that I can work along with as well as being close to the Swedish organisation.

At any rate, I will remember to stay happy and positive. After all, I have no shortage of work that I need to get done and it will certainly help me to be isolated a bit in order to get my deliverables ready.

Oh yeah, and while I have not been posting pulbically on a regular basis, I just got back from the UK where I had spent 4 days and the week before I spent the Friday (overnight, so leaving on Satruday) in Oslo. Just so you know what has been up with me -- it's been loads of work! :-)

Hugs to all, Rodney

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